I love tulips especially in white. There is something in this flower that excites me -the way it opens and its appearance in the room.
I was born in the winter when it is hard to find  tulips in the flower shops. But on my birthday a bouquet of tulips waits  for me at home. I started the collection from the same bouquet of tulips, which I received on my birthday this year.
I looked for lighter colors that reminded me that spring is already in the doorway. I chose a palette of pink and green colors.And I began to fly with my hand and my imagination.
First I drew  the flower and studied every petal around it. I tried to express the softness of the petals of the tulip as opposed to the strength of the stem. God is in the details and when I painted the bulbs, their colors took me to the texture and tiger colors.
From there it led  to the pattern of  tigers from origami with the same pink and green plate.The round petals gave me inspiration to the origami world and the shape that it forms when folding the paper.